Hugh Heslep

Chief Operating Officer

Hugh Heslep approaches his role as Chief Operating Officer at Pyramid Tubular, the same way he approaches life – do everything you can, do it well, and always keep a sense of humor. From inventory management and order processing to supply chain and vendor management, Hugh helps keep things running smoothly at Pyramid. He also keeps everyone on the team on their toes with his passion for a good practical joke.

Hugh’s broad background serves him well in his role as COO.  His expertise in planning and forecasting demand came from his early quantitative work as a management consultant. He blends this operational expertise with knowledge of the merchant banking and oil industries gained during his tenure as Vice President, U.S. Operations at Promethean Corporation and Chief Operating Officer and then President for Meridian Tubulars, Inc.. When Hugh isn’t busy with his responsibilities at Pyramid, you’ll probably find him playing tennis or golf, cheering on University of Michigan football, or as the guest of honor at tea parties hosted by his two daughters.